How To Save Money On James Hardie Siding in Plymouth Michigan

When it comes to home siding materials there are many different choices that you can have installed on your home. The prices and durability will fluctuate a lot based on the siding you choose. James Hardie siding is becoming highly popular with many homeowners. When it’s installed by professional siding contractors in Plymouth Michigan it is high durability, yet sleek and natural looking appearance, you get something strong and aesthetically pleasing. This is because it is a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose wood fibers. That means your siding can take a beating, while requiring very little maintenance and around a 30 year warranty. And of course, it comes in lots of colors and styles. So what isn’t to like.

How To Save Money On James Hardie Siding in Plymouth Michigan

James Hardie siding is also known as Hardie board. Hardie board’s one downside seems to be the price for most home owners when it comes to choosing a siding material for their homes. Because of the mixing of materials and more complex installation, you are going to pay more than you would for other materials such as vinyl siding. While the benefits like storm and fire proof materials, as well as increasing your curb appeal may make it worth the extra cost, you are still looking at a large upfront payment. There are many benefits of using James Hardie siding but if you’re concerned about pricing for the siding installation, here are some tips to help you save money on the siding installation on your Plymouth Michigan home.

How To Save Money On James Hardie Siding in Plymouth MichiganTo help you  save money, while still getting the siding you want, there are some things you can do.

Shop Around a Bit

You should never assume that one place will charge the same price as another. This is why it pays to call and check in with different stores to see how much they charge for Hardie board. Getting different quotes will help you find the best price and help save you some money. Many times a siding contractor will be able to get the siding at better pricing than you will as well.

Talk With Your Siding Contractor about the Project and Materials

Siding contractors can often get a much better deal on materials because they buy them in bulk. You can ask your siding contractor or the contracting company you plan on going with to buy the materials and reimburse them for it at their price. This can help you save a significant amount of money without having to sacrifice anything.Many will also offer free estimates on the siding to give you a much better idea of the final cost of the project.

Go With Pre-Painted James Hardie Siding

Hardie board comes in either a pre-painted option, or an unpainted option that will be painted to your preferences. Buying the unpainted materials may allow you more customization, but will cost you much more money because of the extra work being done. While pre-painted Hardie board may not be exactly what you want, it will be far cheaper. If you are willing to sacrifice a little on the appearance, you can save a lot of money on the material. And you can also pay for it to be repainted later on to get the color you want.

Aim For The Slower Seasons

Many contractors will give you a lower price for installation when you do it during their slower work periods. From November to January, may contractors aren’t working very much, or at all, so they are more willing to negotiate the price to get the income. It is also much easier to get the job done quickly because they have less jobs to do and more time to focus on your home.

Consider Off-Brand Options

While Hardie board was created by James Hardie and sold by his company, there are many copycats that are very close to the original. These off brands can be ten to twenty percent cheaper than the brand name Hardie board, and can be just as effective in protecting your home.

In any case, it’s always best to talk with a qualified siding contractor before making any type of decisions about your home’s siding. One great siding installation company in Plymouth Michigan is Home Pros Plymouth. They offer free quotes and can also help with financing your siding project if needed. Call 734-548-9911 for more details.


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