How Vinyl Siding Compares To James Hardie Board in Downriver Michigan

While vinyl siding in Downriver Michigan is currently one of the most popular options for home siding, there is a fast growing popularity with a newcomer to the market. James Hardie board siding, created and sold by James Hardie is a combination of cement, sand, water and cellulose wood fibers. This creates a material that is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. So how does it compare to vinyl siding for your home? We’ll take a closer look at these two popular siding options and what they can mean for your home’s value and curb appeal in Downriver Michigan.

How Vinyl Siding Compares To James Hardie Board in Downriver Michigan

For the past few decades one of the go to siding choices for home owners has been vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is very affordable and looks great once it’s professionally installed. But it does have some drawbacks especially in colder climates such at that in Michigan. This opened the door for a more sturdy alternative to vinyl siding that does not have all the drawbacks of wood siding and can hold up better in colder climates. This led to James Hardie siding. It is one of the more popular choices for new homes that are mid range in value but with lower prices and better choices, James Hardie siding is now gaining lots of popularity.

How Vinyl Siding Compares To James Hardie Board in Downriver MichiganDurability 

Vinyl and Hardie board are both very durable materials that can withstand quite a lot. Hardie board’s ingredients make it storm proof, wind proof, and fire retardant. It is also ideal for homes that are at risk of impacts from trees or children playing. Both materials are non-porous and will not warp, rot or swell. But vinyl will not withstand impacts as will as Hardie board and can be dented and cracked with enough force.


Both materials require very little maintenance to keep it in ideal condition. Hardie board is easy to clean and in non-porous, but will need to be re-painted and re-caulked every few years to make it look its best. Vinyl on the other hand requires no maintenance beyond just hosing it down every now and again and washing it with soap and water once a year. Because the color is baked into the vinyl, there is no need to re-paint or worry about chipping and peeling color.


Hardie board and vinyl are both very versatile when it comes to aesthetic, but in different ways. Hardie board, because it contains wood fibers, can easily mimic other materials, like wood very closely. It can come in many colors and can be installed to look much like the historical homes without sacrificing any of their charm. Vinyl can also mimic other materials because the color is baked and printed into the material. This means you can have any color, or print that you want. It can also be installed in the traditional horizontal fashion, as well as board and batten and shake.


Vinyl is very easy to install because of the weight of the material and how easily it is cut. That means you can install it in any method, as long as you make sure that there is adequate space for it to move as needed. Hardie board is much heavier and will take longer to install. It will also require more manpower to get the job done.


Vinyl is a very inexpensive material in terms of both upfront and long term costs. Hardie board is much more expensive than vinyl, even when you go with insulated vinyl siding. You can try to decrease the cost of Hardie board by buying pre-painted board, buying through a contracting company, or having it installed during the off season of November through January, but you will still be paying more for it than you will vinyl.


Warranties very much depend on the manufacturer that you buy the material from. Vinyl can have anywhere from 25 years to a lifetime of coverage in case anything goes wrong. Hardie board siding can have between 30 and 50 years where it is covered by a warranty. This makes them about even when it comes to manufacturer protection.

Get a Professional Installation

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