Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding in Downriver Michigan?

The siding of a house not only makes it look nice, but acts as the first line of defense from the elements.  When an issue in the siding is spotted it can often be far worse than it appears underneath. To protect your home it is important to keep an eye on the siding and act at the first sign of damage. I’ve included in this post some tips to help you determine if your siding in Downriver Michigan is failing and in need of repair or replacement. Keeping your siding in good condition will take some maintenance efforts and routine inspections and if you notice any of these signs on your siding it’s best to call a siding professional to your home to repair or replace the siding. 

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding in Downriver Michigan?

There are many different types of siding used on homes today. Most common types of siding that we’ll include in this guide are lap style siding materials. This can include any of the following types of siding materials:

As you can see these problems aren’t specific to any certain type of siding. In fact, some of these problems can be common on a variety of other types of siding including brick or stucco siding. In any case, when you notice one of the following problems with the siding on your Downriver Michigan home be sure to call a siding contractor in Downriver Michigan for a home inspection to repair or replace the siding.

Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Home's Siding in Downriver Michigan?Some of the major signs your siding needs to be replaced:

  • Warping: If the siding of your home is no longer flat this can be a sign of rot and other serious damage underneath.
  •  Loose siding: Strong winds can loosen the boards of the siding and expose the home to the elements.
  •  Holes and bubbles: These can be a telltale sign of a deeper problem such as pests or water damage.
  •  Higher energy bills: Worn out siding causes your heater and air conditioner to work harder and will increase your energy bills. An unexplained surge in your bill can point to a problem with your siding.
  • Quick fading paint: Siding should last for a decade or more so fading that requires painting sooner may be a sign there is a fundamental issue and worth changing.
  • Cracking: Cracks allow entry to moisture and pests into the interior of the home which will create further issues.
  • Rotting: Brittle or crumbling wood siding shows moisture is breaking down the properties that gives the material its strength. This will only increase and further decay.
  • Interior moisture: Signs of mold, mildew and fungus are all indicators of internal moisture in the siding. This can be a major issue if left untreated as it can require replacing insulation and even structural segments.
  • Holes from insects and wildlife: Keep a look out for tiny holes or insects making their way into your home through the siding. Holes caused by birds are typically higher up near windows.
  • Interior wall damage: If paint or wallpaper is pealing inside the home it means that moisture might be getting in through faulty siding.
  • Outdated color: If the siding is a dingy or unflattering color it may be a good idea to spruce it up, especially if you are looking to add value to your home. A siding in a new, favorable color is a good way to attract buyers if you are looking to sell.

Have You Noticed Any of These Signs on Your Home?

If any of these signs present themselves it is important to contact a professional to see just how bad the damage is and how severe the repair will need to be. Fixes can be anywhere from a patch job to a full replacement and remedying any interior damage the siding caused. No matter what the repair size is, it should be done by a qualified professional to make sure the siding is completely sealed and water proof. Improper installation will only cause more problems in the long run so get it right the first time. One of the best siding contractors in Downriver Michigan is All Point Construction located in Allen Park Michigan. Call today for a free estimate on your siding needs at 734-407-7110

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