Take Advantage of These Pros of James Hardie Siding in Plymouth Michigan

James Hardie Siding is a great siding option for most homes. It is very durable and can protect your home for many years. Plus, it gives your home great curb appeal because you can paint the siding anyways to match or accentuate your house. Here are nine of the most compelling benefits associated with James Hardie siding in Plymouth Michigan.

Take Advantage of These Pros of James Hardie Siding in Plymouth Michigan

James Hardie siding is created with a Class A fire rating to withstand temperatures as high as 2200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours. This makes the siding extremely resistant to fire damage. It also ensures that it will remain in place even after flames have ripped through your home.

Additionally, recent research has shown that James Hardie siding contains an insect repellent designed to keep termites at bay, making this material even more valuable. And finally, because it’s moisture-resistant, James Hardie won’t be susceptible to rot or warping despite its exposure to moisture.

Siding Plymouth MIDurability and Low Maintenance Requirements

James Hardie siding is a safe, low-maintenance material that is highly durable and sustainable. The fiber cement compound from which it’s made makes the James Hardie product very strong. A Hardie siding is non-combustible, making it resistant to fire, insects, decay, and rot damage. It also won’t irritate allergies or have a negative impact on indoor air quality. Because this cladding contains no toxic chemicals. You can be certain that your family members aren’t being exposed to any harmful substances every time they come in contact with your siding.

In addition to its resistance to rotting and warping, James Hardie siding lasts up to three times longer than many other types of siding materials, including vinyl and fiber cement. It’s also a very low-maintenance material that requires only occasional cleaning to look its absolute best.

Extremely Low Maintenance Costs

Thanks to the fact that James Hardie siding requires so little maintenance. You can expect your annual expenses associated with exterior maintenance to be extremely low. In most cases, all you’ll need is a quick once-over with a garden hose every few months or so. This depends on how much exposure it has had to rainfall and dirt build-up. You’ll never have to pay for expensive painting projects again!

Genuine Fiber Cement Construction and Authentic Colorations

James Hardie siding is composed of genuine fiber cement. This means that it is not only low-maintenance and resistant to rot, insects, fire, and decay damage. It also looks exactly like traditional wood siding. This makes James Hardie a great option if you want the classic look of real wood without any of the associated maintenance headaches.

Switch to James Hardie siding in Southgate MIWide Variety of Colors and Styles to Choose From

Thanks to its versatile manufacturing process, James Hardie features an extensive range of colors for homeowners to choose from. Recent additions have included:

* Coastal Mist
* Cypress Green
* Diamond Gray
* Red Pearl
* Desert Tan
* Prairie Dust
* Quarry Gray
* Saddleback
* Sherwood Green
* Spanish Green
* Tudor Brown
* Tudor Gray
* Tuscan Red
* Woodland Brown

Supreme Painting Options

James Hardie siding comes in both primed and full-finished versions, depending on your preference. However, even if you select the full-finished product, there are still three distinct painting options to choose from:

* Clear finish
* Low sheen
* Flat paint

This provides homeowners with a wide array of coloration possibilities adapted to suit virtually any design scheme or aesthetic preference.

An Attractive, Natural-Looking Appearance

One of the reasons why James Hardie has become so popular among homeowners is because it replicates actual wood quite well. This means that James Hardie is an excellent option if you want a natural, visually appealing product. However, unlike traditional wood cladding, which requires regular painting and maintenance procedures to look its best, this fiber cement alternative will hold up beautifully without any additional effort on your part.

Unlimited Coloration Possibilities for Your Custom Home Design

James Hardie siding comes in an extensive range of colors customized to suit virtually any design preference or aesthetic vision. In addition to the standard “standard color” options listed above. You can also choose from various semi-transparent and specialty finishes such as Caribbean Blue, Clay Beige, Italian Stone, Light Tuscan, Mandarin Jewel, Prairie Dust, Sandalwood Mist, Sierra Gold, Slate Gray, Snow White Pearl, Vintage Grape and Wheatgrass.

NOTE: Darker colors may increase your energy bills by trapping in more heat than lighter shades.

Flexible Installation Options for Your Home Renovation

If you’re interested in adding James Hardie siding to your home renovation, you’ll be pleased to discover that there are several installation options available. You can choose between a permanent or temporary installation, both of which come with their benefits and disadvantages (see below). Just keep in mind that the process only takes one day.

A Great Green Addition to Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly addition to your home that will provide long-lasting protection from rot, insects, fire damage, etc. Then it doesn’t get much better than James Hardie fiber cement siding. This durable material is made from 95% recycled materials, saving landfill space and reducing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing the product. Another great thing about using this durable material in your renovation–it can last up to 50 years or more!


Homeowners who want the classic look of wood without the inevitable upkeep and maintenance associated with real wood cladding should certainly consider James Hardie fiber cement siding. Call the experts at Home Pros Plymouth today at 734-548-9911 for a free quote on James Hardie installation for your home.

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