Top Reasons Why You Should Consider James Hardie Siding in Taylor Michigan

Have you ever thought about having the look of wood siding on your home, but was brought to disappointment at the high maintenance and high costing requirements of wood siding? Well, luckily there’s an alternative to wood siding. James Hardie siding in Taylor Michigan is made to look like wood siding, but remains low priced and low maintenance required. It’s also unable to rot, which is often seen on wood siding especially in areas where rain is very common. It can also protect your home more than wood siding as it’s more resistant to harsh weather and elements, meaning your home will be protected from hail, storms, and even fire, which wood siding can be prone to.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider James Hardie Siding in Taylor Michigan

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a siding that perfectly fits your budget, durability expectations, and the overall look and feel of your home. While there are many siding options out there, it doesn’t always mean they’re good for your home. We believe that cement siding is a great alternative to wood siding, it’s durable, light weight, and looks amazing. Wood siding is beautiful and a lot of homeowners wish they had it, but the maintenance required to keep it in healthy condition with the addition of a high price point, there’s no wonder why many people don’t choose it for their new siding. That’s where cement siding comes into play, we’ll list off the top reasons why you should get cement siding for your home.

James Hardie Siding Taylor MiCement Siding Doesn’t Rot

One of the biggest flaws of wood siding besides the price point, is that it’s wood, meaning it can rot. And when you put wood outside where rain is constantly getting on it, then you can expect to get some rotting. Now, of course it does have protective layers of stain that prevents water from waterlogging and rotting it, but when that stain becomes damaged due to elements or animals, then your wood siding could be compromised by water and damage by that point. Cement siding however doesn’t rot, so you’ll feel more safe from the dangers of water.

It’s Very Durable

Durability is something we all look for, whether we’re looking for it through our roof’s, gutters, or siding. It’s always the same mindset, people want high durability to protect their home’s. Luckily, cement siding is a great siding that’s been proven for its durability, allowing your home to stay well protected through thick and thin.

It’s Less Expensive Than Wood Siding

The price point of wood siding can be very disappointing, whenever you’re really wanting that wood siding look but can’t fit it in your budget can be tough. However, that’s where fiber cement siding comes into play. It’s extremely cheap compared to wood siding, giving you more room to move and make for other priorities, so if you’re wanting wood siding but can’t afford the expensiveness of it, considering installing fiber cement siding instead.

Siding in Downriver MIFiber Cement Siding Is Heat Resistant

Wood siding can be rough when fires break out, it will end up just fueling the fire in the end. But fiber cement siding is resistant to heat, meaning it won’t even melt. This can be great for areas where wildfires are more common to happen, it can save your home by limiting the fuel to the fire around your home.

It’s Very Versatile

It could be that many homeowners want the look and feel of wood, but in certain colors or patterns. With fiber cement siding, that can certainly be achievable. Fiber cement siding comes in many different colors, styles, and textures. So your home won’t just be boring, you’ll be able to find a look that fits your home’s aesthetic and boost your curb appeal with a beautiful new siding on your home.

Choosing a good siding can be a headache, that’s why we’re here to help you make that ultimate decision on what siding will best fit your home. If you’re curious about seeing how fiber cement looks and feels on your home, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional siding expert to install fiber cement siding on your home to see it come to life and bring more durability than your last siding. Be sure to call All Point Construction today at (734) 407-7110 for a free quote on your next siding project.

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