Wood Siding Alternative: Fiber Cement Siding in Downriver Michigan

If you’ve ever seen wood siding on a home, then you definitely know how beautiful it can look. Wood siding gives off a natural aesthetically pleasing look and will definitely boost your home’s curb appeal, however there are some problems when it comes to having wood siding installed on your home. Two of the biggest drawbacks of having wood siding is the amount of maintenance that it requires and the price tag on wood siding in Downriver Michigan, these two things are usually the reason why you don’t see many home’s with wood siding installed on them. So if you were planning to get wood siding, take a moment to seek out an alternative instead to save you money and time on maintenance and installation.

Wood Siding Alternative: Fiber Cement Siding in Downriver Michigan

A great alternative to wood siding is fiber cement siding, if you’re wanting the look of wood siding then fiber cement siding is definitely the siding for you at a much lower cost. Fiber cement siding can be replicated to look like traditional wood siding and give off that look, of course it won’t look exactly like real wood siding, but with the pros that fiber cement siding comes with, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. So if you’re wanting to learn more about fiber cement siding and what it has to offer, then follow us as we tell you a few pros of it.

Wooden Siding Downriver MIMuch Cheaper Than Wood Siding

One of the best reasons why fiber cement is a great alternative that you should choose from wood siding is the price of it. Fiber cement is much cheaper than wood siding, which will save you plenty of money, so while you are giving some aesthetic look away when choosing a siding that replicates the look of wood siding, you’ll be happy that you saved a bunch of money in the long run.

Fiber Cement Siding Requires Less Maintenance

Fiber cement siding is basically vinyl siding when it comes to maintenance, all that really needs to be done is a cleaning once or twice a year to restore the original beauty of the siding. So compared to wood siding’s extreme requirements for maintenance, it’ll definitely save you a lot of time and headaches if you choose to have fiber cement siding installed on your home instead of wood siding.

It’s More Energy Efficient

Wood siding isn’t that big in energy efficiency unlike fiber cement siding is. If you choose to have fiber cement installed on your home, you’ll ultimately end up saving money every month on your energy bills, whereas you’ll both be spending a huge chunk of money on the installation and on energy bills if you get wood siding installed instead.

It’s Much Easier To Repair

Fiber cement siding can be easily repaired, meaning the price of repairs are typically cheaper than wood siding repairs. So if you live in an area where trees are common or storms hit regularly, then you definitely don’t want a siding that is expensive to repair as you’ll end up spending a lot of money for every problem that tends to occur.

Installation Is Easier

Installation for fiber cement siding is pretty easy compared to wood siding, this means you’ll save money with the installation. Wood siding isn’t the easiest to install onto a home, so the labor bills can add up quickly compared to fiber cement siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Won’t Rot

A scary problem to have when it comes to wood siding is rot, wood siding requires restaining and repainting to ensure moisture doesn’t get inside of the wood and begin rotting it. This can get pretty costly with repairs, whereas fiber cement siding doesn’t rot and won’t be faced with an issue like this.

There’s plenty of pros from fiber-cement siding that can definitely make you change your mind on getting wood siding installed. Of course wood siding is very aesthetically pleasing to look at as it’s natural and beautiful, however the cons of wood siding just completely outweigh the pros and thus making an alternative like fiber-cement siding a much better option for any homeowners who were considering having wood siding installed on their home. So if you’re interested in fiber-cement siding, contact a professional like All Point Construction today. Call (734) 407-7110 for a free estimate on siding replacement today.

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